• Club 2 = A2W On Steroids!

    With Just 2 people on your team, with over 10X the value they paid to buy a Website Pack with Hosting, you can earn phenomenal extras! The company is giving existing A2W distributors a floor space in this amazing skyscraper. Those who are not in, but get to know about it also have an opportunity to be well placed before relaunch. If You Blink, You Miss!

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  • I'm So Excited!

    I always wanted to have a fully integrated website, but instead I had excuses! I wanted to be global, but was content to be local! Now I no longer have excuses, now I am truly global. This site you are on is mine, courtesy of A2Wpress! It cost me less than $150 for 3 like this, and I'm at liberty to use it for anything I please so far it's not against the companies philosophy. I'm so excited!

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  • Come and See the World with ME!

    Get Your VISA, Travel the World, Just a Click Away. The company has helped over 50,000 people enjoy their vacations in different places around the world over the last 5years. Our top destinations have been Dubai, South Africa, USA and UK. We have organised tours to Thailand, Greece, Paris, Singapore, India, Maldives, Mauritius to mention a few. With Club 2, we intend to take a million to see the world in the next 6 years. Are you one of them?

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  • Real People, Real Faces

    Old, Young, Female, Male, Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric, Phlegmatic, Married, Single, Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Class. A2W is made up of real people with real faces enjoying great rewards! The time to be on the fence is over, these are ordinary people just like you, living extra-ordinary lives. If you don't take risk, you will work for people who do!

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  • TEAM - Together Each Achieves More!

    There is very little we can do as individuals. We can hardly carry more than our own weight, but not if we work with the wisdom available to the ants! We can work together and achieve amazing things. There is no need for spillover in Club 2. So I can help you with the spills I am getting because we belong to the same team. Do you know how it feels to know someone has got your back? Do you have a team? We have one waiting for you!

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  • 30 Day Challenge!

    From the 26th of May to the 25th of June. I am on a 30 Days Challenge to BREAK the records on my A2W Earnings. It's a 30 Days Challenge, and you can benefit from the DRIVE I am doing by plugging in with me. This is not for everyone, only those who are tired of earning 4-5 digits dollar monthly income! It's time for Massive Action! Research has shown that this is the only way!

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I just got an Amazing Deal!

I have driven businesses over the last 9 years and know what it means to earn a million dollars. This blows everything I have ever done away!

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A2W Club 2

This is an amazing adrenalin pumping A2W product upgrade that qualifies buyers to win amazing gifts and prize options. The product itself is worth 10 times the price people pay, then there are rewards? OMG!

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Pay and Request Prepaid Voucher

Once you know this is what you want to do, don't waste time. No blinking No missing! You already have a vantage position as someone coming in during prelaunch. Leverage it!

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Join us for Webinars

One of the best ways to make the most of any business is leverage. This business model is all about leverage. You have access to online webinars and offline meetings. Online: 10pm Daily!

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Special Deals

There are a few amazing discount deals on landed property, short term to medium term investment opportunities, products, services and travels.


Personal Testimony

There are many things I can do to earn income! I know how to train, I am comfortable with problem solving, have above average excel, powerpoint and word skills, I can also sell, and conversant with a wide spread of industries haven worked in them before - Oil and Gas, Aviation, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Telecoms, Insurance e.t.c. What the Network Marketing environment of A2W does for you is help you to help other entrepreneurs become successful. It's been my experience over the last 5+ Years. It's priceless!

Investment Opportunities

The Power of We
You can Invest N5,000,000, earn great returns and empower 2-4 people to get jobs. You get a Business Manager to take responsibility for the business and staff.
Land at Ibeju Lekki
Land is free from all Government Acquisition, it's fully gazzetted and is in close proximity to areas with serious development plans from the Government of the day.
You have access to buy property in one of the most secure and investor friendly property markets in the world - South Africa. Enjoy exciting return on investment, and get an opportunity to travel